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Kongsberg Automotive awarded its second biggest nomination ever valued at 65 MEUR

Kongsberg Automotive has won one of its biggest and most important nominations ever with one of the world's largest manufactures of commercial vehicles in the heavy duty truck segment. The value of the nomination is estimated to be at a...

The new business includes delivery of vital chassis and axle suspension products. Thanks to the new design the vehicle will offer significant improved driving comfort. In addition, the new products have a reduced weight of 20 kg which is 1/3 of the current weight and improved impact strengths to allow increased payload and require less space which is vital for the next generation of truck technology.

The main part of the production will take place at Rollag and Hvittingfoss, Norway, both plants representing world class process and product technology for this type of products. The products will go through final validation at the customer and start of production is set to Q3 2011.

The award is won due to KA`s deep technology knowledge and competence in this area and strengthens KA`s position as a leading global supplier of chassis and suspension products for heavy duty trucks.

“We have worked hard for this award for a long time, and its just great to receive the evidence that we have fulfilled future customer requirements for this rather complicated product”, says Håkon Amundsen, Vice President Marketing & Sales, and continues: “KA`s world class technology will help our customers to secure next generation of truck requirements, and the requirements will gradually be implemented to the whole global commercial vehicle industry. This will open up significant new global business opportunities”.