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Kongberg Maritime Integrated Operations Lab opens for business

Kongsberg's Oil & Gas Division has opened the doors to its state-of-the-art Integrated Operations Lab at its 'Carpus' headquarters in Kongsberg Norway.
Kongsberg Maritime becomes first supplier to connect to Kristin with sophisticated new in-house facility
Kongsberg’s Oil & Gas Division has opened the doors to its state-of-the-art Integrated Operations Lab at its ‘Carpus’ headquarters in Kongsberg Norway. The ‘IO Lab’, was implemented to establish work practices and to develop tools for improved and more efficient collaboration between the company’s own engineers and its customers’ engineers, for both modification and maintenance tasks and for new projects.

Solve problems faster and more efficiently

The IO Lab enables online support to operators at an oil and gas production platform, cooperation with experts at the oil company’s onshore support centre or collaboration between internal sites in Kongsberg Maritime and will provide experts from the operator organisations and from the relevant suppliers with the working environment and tools to help them solve problems faster and more efficiently.
“The IO Lab allows us to remotely assist our customers, more efficiently and in a very short time scale by bringing in the required experts without having to travel to the actual site,” explains Trond Weberg, Vice President Technology, Kongsberg Maritime. “By using audiovisual technology and communications equipment, and having access to the same tools the cooperation and collaboration will be as good as being physically present at the site.”
The IO Lab is already fully operational. On 25th October 2007, Kongsberg Maritime became the first supplier to connect live to the Kristin Platform as a demonstration of the IO and collaboration concepts of the IO Lab and as a practicality due to the five Kongsberg Maritime maintenance engineers onsite to work on the process control systems.

Equipment facilities

Presently the IO Lab is equipped with advanced audiovisual systems, 3D visualisation software for wells and even the reservoir, real time information systems for both drilling operations and the oil and gas production, and advanced process simulators, which can be seamlessly linked to the control system for testing purposes. The simulators also have the optional possibility of being used as real time operation support tool.
Further, remote access to customers’ process control systems is possible (inspection, diagnostics, re-configuration, parameterisation), and also mechanisms to regularly sample copies of the control system configurations and parameterisations at a specified plant. Finally an example of a real time logistic model, visualised in 3 dimensions, of the offshore oil and gas field centre is installed.
“Finding the balance between generating new resources and managing operational costs is a challenge for companies in the oil & gas industry, one that Kongsberg, through the Oil & Gas division and initiatives like the IO Lab are helping to overcome,” adds Nils Standal, Senior Vice President, KONGSBERG Oil & Gas Division.