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Joining forces for a cleaner enviroment

By joining forces, DNV and GEC will provide expanded service offerings, capabilities and international reach by bringing together European and North American expertise in wind energy.

Joining for global leadership

GEC is a global leader in the wind energy industry and has conducted direct work on wind projects representing more than half of the new installed wind energy capacity in the US. The Seattle-based company supports the industry with a broad range of services – from initial site selection and wind resource assessment to power performance testing and financial due diligences for investors.
DNV has considerable expertise in wind energy and is the world’s leading provider of offshore project certification services. DNV’s current wind centre in Denmark has more than 20 years of wind experience, and more than 40 years of experience within oil, gas and energy, with a corporate global footprint of 300 offices in 100 countries.
DNV Energy’s COO, Remi Eriksen, explains: “DNV’s 20 wind experts are now joining forces with GEC and its close to 100 employees. This a big step forward, as we aim to rapidly build a powerful and dynamic professional services environment. With GEC on board, DNV will thus be the wind world’s leading service provider.”

Capitalizing on rapid growth

The global wind energy market is growing annually by 20% and 2007 was another record year for the wind energy industry. The US is the fastest growing wind market and wind contributes more than 30% of its new generation capacity. This makes wind the second-largest source of new power generation in the country – surpassed only by natural gas. The US Department of Energy has recently announced an ambition to have 20% wind-generated electricity by 2030.
Eriksen says: “The energy future will be dirty, uncertain and expensive unless hydrocarbon-based energy is made cleaner and renewable energy starts to play a bigger role. No single solution will deliver the necessary changes. Therefore, we need a mix of options which focus on developing more energy sources, using energy more efficiently and lowering carbon intensity. DNV is committed to making a difference in the energy future, and strongly believes that wind energy will be an important factor in improving the security of supply and fighting climate change.”
DNV’s goal is simple: the wind energy industry is growing fast and has to deal with numerous technological, economic and political uncertainties. “We want to help key players in this industry to drive new solutions and to manage the risks that come with these,” Eriksen emphasises.
“DNV is confident of the viability and commercial maturity of wind as a major contributor to the world’s energy needs. We therefore see the need to have a strong professional environment within the wind market so that we can make an impact. The global wind industry is gearing up for rapid growth and we are now at the forefront to capitalize on this,” says Eriksen.

A perfect match

GEC’s founder, Karen Conover, says: “Initially, we were not looking to be acquired, but the more we learned about DNV, the more we realised that it was a good match. Together we can provide a broader portfolio than we could do on our own. In addition, the acquisition provides a broader international reach, access to R&D resources, the ability to bring together European and US expertise in wind energy, and greater career opportunities for our employees.”
DNV Global Energy Concepts will continue to operate from offices in Seattle, Washington and Lowell, Massachusetts, together with DNV’s existing wind energy teams in Copenhagen, London and Oslo.

Global Energy Concepts

GEC is a multidiscipline engineering and technology consulting firm providing services to clients involved in the energy industry. Recognised as a leader in the wind energy industry, the company specialises in the analysis, design, testing and management of wind energy systems and projects. It has experience of both utility-scale and small-scale applications of wind energy technologies.