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ISO 22000 on three continents

EWOS is the first international group within fisheries and aquaculture to achieve ISO 22000 certification, the international standard for food safety, for all of their commercial fish feed companies.
“This certification is an important part of our ambitions to be a leader in all parts of the world we operate in”, says Kjell Bjordal, COO in EWOS group in a message from the company.
ISO 22000:2005 is an international standard for securing food safety. EWOS Norway achieved its ISO 22000 accreditation as early as July 2007, and was then the first company within the fisheries and aquaculture sector in Norway to achieve this. In the past year, both EWOS Chile and EWOS Canada have achieved similar accreditation, and now in September also EWOS Scotland received its ISO 22000 certificate.
“This is a new and demanding international standard that we are proud to have in place throughout the EWOS group”, says Kjell Bjordal. At the same time, he notes that the extensive certification which the group now has in three different continents is the natural result of EWOS Group’s ambition to reinforce its leading position in the international market.
“We are one of the main participants in an international market where our customers produce high quality products sold to more than 100 countries worldwide. The focus on food safety is increasing, and for us there has always been importance placed on established quality assurance systems in all aspects of fish food production”, says Bjordal who will be happy to admit that he is proud of what the four EWOS companies have achieved in the quality area in recent years.
“Farmed salmon is both very healthy and very safe food. It is important to ensure this competitive edge at the same time that we have to be prepared for new so-called “food-scare media cases” initiated by groups who oppose farming whatsoever. ISO 22000 secures EWOS in both these dimensions “, Bjordal states.
“All of the companies in the EWOS group were already certified to the ISO 9001 quality management standard. The additional ISO 22000 certification in all operating companies, confirms our commitment in providing high security for our partners based on internationally recognized standards.
EWOS group had in 2007 a turnover of NOK 5.9 billion and a production of 847.000 tons of fish food. EWOS group have 750 employees and is wholly owned by Cermaq ASA that is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.