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INTPOW – the Norwegian renewable energy partners

INTPOW was established early in 2009 as an initiative taken in close cooperation between the energy industry and Norwegian authorities. The organization functions as a vital “venue of communication” and is an important networking organization for domestic and foreign energy...

INTPOW is aimed at energy companies, organizations or other establishments seeking to expand their respective involvement, market share or participation in the international energy market with goals of:

• functioning as a door-opener for the international energy projects and the supply chain at home and abroad
• working as an organ for coordinated dialogue with the Norwegian authorities and the renewable energy industry
• providing the service as a vigilant listening post in capturing signals in diverse markets at an early stage both in terms of business and technology opportunities

Unleashing Norwegian Energy Potential

The potential for the energy industry internationally is significant. Norway has been a pioneer and led the development of hydropower in particular through the centuries. Norwegian authorities believe the opportunities for more value is large through increased internationalization and increased cooperation between the companies.

INTPOW facilitates this unleashing of the energy potential through a range of marketing and communication services that include:

• Access to updated market information in international projects
• Direct promotion and access to business and political influencers and decision makers in relevant markets
• Advice on foreign markets for the companies’ own premises
• Understanding of customer base and company strategy
• Information about the supply chain in Norway and abroad
• Access to expertise and meeting suppliers of goods and services in markets of interest
• Organizing of thematic seminars and meetings to promote its partners for foreign players

The success of the petroleum network INTSOK has been source of inspiration for the creation of INTPOW, with the following organizations and companies as the founding members:

• The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy
• The Ministry of Trade and Industry
• Statkraft
• Agder Energi
• Det norske Veritas
• Norconsult
• Nexans Norway
• Navita
• Solkraft Energy

INTPOW – Norwegian Renewable Energy Partners

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