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Intelecom delivers new entertainment system to Floatel in record time

Norwegian Intelecom Group AS has replaced accommodation and support rig Floatel Superior’s TV and entertainment system in 440 cabins – with no downtime whatsoever.

“The project was challenging, mainly because the job turned out to be far more extensive than we originally had been led to think. Our customer leases the rig to other clients, and our goal was thus to undertake this operation without impacting other production at all. We did it,” says sales manager with Intelecom Group AS, Martin Mannes.




Older vessels and rigs often have outdated TV and telephony solutions, and the market to upgrade these is very attractive to the telecommunications company. Mannes hopes this job will open more doors in the offshore market.

“A well-functioning entertainment system is an important requirement for the well-being of the rig’s occupants. Here we have worked on two systems at the same time, to ensure that the old system wasn’t disconnected before the new one was ready for use. The seamless transition, and this new award-winning system, has made Floatel Superior a more attractive rental option for Floatel’s customers,” Mannes says.




Intelecom has experienced impressive economic growth in recent years, and has built up a very impressive customer portfolio. Among other things, the company developed NSB’s mobile app for buying tickets. The company was named the “2014 technology supplier of the year” at the Nordic Choice winter conference in January this year.