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Hydro: A Winner in Beijing

Hydro crossed the finish line – on time and on budget – with deliveries of aluminium window frames to the prestigious Morgan Center in the Beijing Olympic complex. The enormous building complex Morgan Center is part of the setting of...
One of the few seven-star hotels in the world was built at Morgan Center, as was a huge shopping center and a vast array of fashionable apartments. The aluminium window frames for this vast complex were supplied by Hydro Building Systems.

Stiff Competition

For Wicona, one of Hydro’s three strong brand names in building systems in aluminium, there was enormous prestige attached to the contract, which was won in the face of stiff competition from leading Chinese and international suppliers.
The massive constructions in steel and concrete provide the outline of the complex.
The building work was carried out night and day so that everything would be complete for the opening of the games.
Hydro Building Systems in China and the company’s subcontractors worked at top speed to finish 1,700 enormous window constructions in aluminium.

Local reference projects vital

“For us, this contract has major significance,” says Gerard Lugrin, who heads the expansion of Hydro Building Systems’ enterprise in China.
“It is our first major contract in China, and we are supplying Wicona systems of the very highest quality to one of the most prestigious projects you can imagine.
“In this market, it’s not enough to be able to point to fantastic projects in Germany, France, Spain and England. Morgan Center and the Olympic Games in Beijing will therefore be an important reference project for us in the years to come,” he says.