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Historic agreement on mackerel between Norway and EU

After several years of annual ad hoc agreements, Norway and EU have now entered into a long term bilateral agreement on mackerel. This agreement regulates important issues such as the division of the total mackerel quotas between the parties, and...

Norwegian vessels mackerel fisheries in the EU zone were on the 2. October last year suddenly closed after disagreements between Norway and EU concerning the agreements on mutual zone access. At this time, Norwegian vessels had a remaining quota of approximately 70.000 tons. This affected the raw material supply for Norway Pelagic in 2009, as it was limited to 79.000 tons.

The remaining quota of 70.000 tons will be caught in 2010, and this means Norwegian vessels will be allowed to catch 246.000 tons mackerel in 2010. The agreement will imply greater flexibility for both industry and fleet to adjust activity in terms with market conditions. In the longer run, It will also imply a more stable framework conditions for Norway Pelagic in terms of stable and substantial deliveries, both from Norwegian and foreign vessels. The agreement implies extended access to each others zones in 2010 and full access from 2011.

Norway Pelagic had in 2009 40% of all mackerel landings in Norway, and will aim to have at least the same share in 2010.