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Hilti Cable Transit Systems – now launched in Norway

Our goal is to be the preferred supplier in O&G,

After becoming a group company of Hilti, several new opportunities have emerged for us. We are excited to announce that we now offer Hilti Cable Transit Systems for the Norwegian market.

Our goal is to be the preferred supplier in O&G, shipping, and offshore wind industries. With a flexible and safe system, of the highest quality standards and at competitive prices, we are your best cable transits partner!

With the wide experience of the Øglænd System team, we will bring you our expertise to improve the reliability of your electrical and transit designs and increase your productivity both on-site and in the design office. Let’s team up!

Advantages of Hilti CTS:

  • Increased productivity with interlinked modules and tolerant adapter system
  • Easy visual inspection of correct installation due to a colour-coded adapter
  • Low inventory requirements – only 7 different modules are needed to cover all cable diameters
  • Reusable adapter system – time-saving and reduces waste if mistakes occur
  • Fire-resistant, watertight and gastight
  • Easy-to-use planning software for Cable Transits (PROFIS Hilti Cable Transits), which helps you dimension frames and sealing modules with the click of a button.
  • AVEVA E3D and PDMS library for easy drag and drop of the selected transit frames into your 3D model