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Helping to Maintain a Thriving Industry

TBL ITF is the Norwegian ICT sector's representative in business politics. Utilizing comprehensive expertise in many areas, this nationwide trade union works to improve the framework conditions for Norway's ICT industry, encompassing providers of software, data services, telecommunications systems and...

TBL ITF is a key trade union within the Federation of Norwegian Manufacturing Industries (TBL), Norway’s largest industrial federation in the Norwegian Confederation of Business and Industry (NHO). Its sheer size gives TBL ITF the political standing to ensure that the views of Norway’s ICT companies are given serious consideration when it comes to issues affecting the industry.

On behalf of its member companies, TBL ITF orchestrates close, direct contact with politicians, ministries and government agencies, as well as the Research Council of Norway, the Norwegian Industrial and Regional Development Fund (SND), and the Norwegian Trade Council. TBL ITF carries out its activities through a variety of forums and projects, such as:

– Executives’ Forum – a professional and social forum for high-level managers in the ICT branch, in which key representatives of the Norwegian authorities, the European Commission and other organizations actively participate Annual Conference – arranged each year with a broader participation than the Executives’ Forum, it is typically an afternoon conference for discussing current topics with the Government’s network for project funds

– Research panel

– Interest groups

– Committees for improving the follow-up of crucial issues, such as environmental concerns and stock-option policies

TBL ITF is heavily involved in strengthening research programmes and R&D contracts. As an example, TBL ITF’s member companies are well-represented on the board of PROGIT, a comprehensive ICT development programme funded by the Research Council of Norway. Members have also gained considerable influence regarding the content of the Research Council’s other ICT-related programmes. In addition, TBL ITF has been of great assistance to its member companies in obtaining R&D contracts with government agencies and large industrial players. For EU-related matters, TBL ITF’s most important partner is the European Information and Communications Technology Industry Association (EICTA), of which it is a member. For further information about TBL ITF, its activities and member companies, please contact:

TBL ITF PO Box 7072 Majorstua NO-0306 Oslo, Norway
Tel: +47 22 59 00 00 Fax: +47 22 59 00 01

E-mail: itf@tbl.no
Website: http://www.tbl.no/itf