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Hatteland Display opens new optical technological facility

Leading marine displays manufacturer invests in optical product development

Jakob Hatteland Display (JHD), the world leading manufacturer of marine displays, computers and panel computers, announces the opening of ‘Plant 2’, a new 500m? production facility at its headquarters in Nedre Vats, Norway. The company has invested over €2 million in the facility itself and its newly formed display development division, ‘Optical Technology, AS’ (OTE).

Plant 2 consists of two integrated clean room facilities, graded to ISO
14644-1 class 6 (equivalent US class 1000) and ISO 14644-1 class 7 (equivalent US class 10,000). In addition to this level of contamination control, the state-of-the-art facility has constant temperature & humidity control, and is designed for the processing of static sensitive devices.
This level of process environment control is a critical requirement for the production of the advanced technologies developed by OTE, and used by JHD to ensure all of its monitors provide the very highest level of performance.

The new facility, the first of its kind in Europe, will be used to produce the new Series 2 line of optical bonded display products introduced by JHD to its marine monitors. Optically bonded displays provide several unique benefits including near perfect sunlight viewing, and the permanent elimination of condensation and salt crystal formation. These solutions for the marine monitor market set a ‘New Industry Standard’ of quality and performance throughout the world.

Plant 2 will also be used for developing and implementing advanced processes and applications of optical technology display products, including those used for the military. JHD is renowned for providing solutions to overcome the environmental challenges faced by marine and naval monitors, and Plant 2 will vastly increase the capacity of both JHD and OTE to develop new generations of optical display products & technologies.

JHD has appointed Joseph Sanelle as Managing Director of OTE Plant 2. Mr.
Sanelle is in the process of building a team of skilled technicians from inside the company and externally, to greatly expand the production capacity of OTE operations.

“Our new technology and facility provides huge potential for the marine display market. We now have the ability to quickly implement optical bonding on any display product here in Nedre Vats, which gives Hatteland the competitive edge in providing both cost and quality benefits for its customers,” comments Joseph Sanelle.