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Growth in pelagic fish exports in October

Exports of mackerel in October 2010 were valued at NOK 865 million, an increase of NOK 247 million or 40% compared to October 2009. Exports of herring showed a drop in value of 30%, down from NOK 544 million in...

“The figures for October reflect the higher mackerel quota, which has found its way to well-paid markets, as well as a herring season that arrived a little later than usual,” senior analyst Kristin Lien from the Norwegian Seafood Export Council states the salient points. “It is pleasing to see the Japanese market once again positioned as our most important consumer market for mackerel. So far this year, over half of all mackerel exports from Norway have been destined for Japan.”

This includes exports to China for processing and re-export to Japan.

Mackerel exports to Japan in October

The volume of frozen mackerel exports in October totalled 67,000 tonnes, up by 9,000 tonnes from October last year. Most of the mackerel exports were for the Japanese consumer market, with 27,000 tonnes exported directly to Japan and 14,000 tonnes to China, most of it for filleting/processing and re-export to Japan. The remaining exports go to many different markets, of which Turkey (6,000 tonnes), the Netherlands (5,000 tonnes) and South Korea (4,000 tonnes) are the biggest. In October, the average price of frozen whole mackerel was NOK 12.64, up by NOK 2.45 compared to the same month last year.

Herring exports to Nigeria
In October, exports of frozen whole herring totalled 49,000 tonnes, down some 26,000 tonnes from the same month last year. The main importers of herring from Norway are Nigeria (20,000 tonnes) and Russia (13,000 tonnes). The average price in October was 6% up on October last year.

Herring fillet exports to Belarus
In October, exports of frozen herring fillet products totalled 14,000 tonnes, a decline of 8,000 tonnes compared to October last year. The main export markets are Belarus (5,000 tonnes), Russia and Poland. The average price in October was 7% higher than in the same month last year.