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Greater Stavanger – open, energetic and innovative

Stavanger has a long tradition of being an outgoing and international city. The Greater Stavanger region is a multicultural, friendly, professional environment, with around 150 different nationalities represented here. Oil and gas operations have been one reason for this, with...

Greater St

Stavanger and Rogaland are characterized by a balanced economy, spectacular scenery and mild climate. Evidence shows that the region is an attractive place to live. The central parts of the country have experienced high population growth for a longer period of time.

avanger is Norway’s 3rd largest urban area, the energy capital of Norway, and a European cultural capital in 2008. Cooperation between the business, civil, and service sectors of this community ensures that the people of the region will enjoy continued economic growth and prosperity in the future. Central in this process is the organization Greater Stavanger Economic Development. This organization is a non-profit regional development agency owned by 16 municipalities and Rogaland County, working closely with the regions’ political and administrative leaders, the private business sector and academia to make Greater Stavanger the ideal environment for business growth.

The Oil Museum encapsulates an important part of the Stavanger region’s reputation as an energy capital. 
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For those looking to increase business, career or investment opportunities, the Stavanger region is a wise choice. Take time to read the information available here online on Nortrade from the Norway Exports issue “Greater Stavanger”, first published in March 2009.


The edition consists of several in-depth articles and presents 27 different companies situated in Stavanger, and is now available for download in PDF format.

(To download click on the picture. Document file size is 8,57 mb)