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Full scale CCS Mongstad

CCS forms a central part of the Norwegian government’s policy on energy and the environment. A cornerstone of this target area is the construction of a full scale CCS plant at the Mongstad refinery on the western coast of Norway.

The project will proceed in accordance with an industrially based schedule as a measure to secure the quality of the project. The current prediction implies that the government will present a proposition for investment decision on CCS at Mongstad to the Parliament in 2014.

– The CCS-project at Mongstad is an important contribution to the necessary development of full scale CCS-technology. The significance of the project will not only limit Norwegian CO2 emissions, but have impact on our ability to combat emissions globally, says the Norwegian Minister of Petroleum and Energy Mr. Terje Riis-Johansen. – I will continue to give the work on this project the highest priority. We need to succeed, and I look forward to following the progress of the project.

Full scale capture of CO2 from exhaust-gas has never been carried out before. It is therefore an important premise in the ongoing work to be attentive to the challenges such a pioneer project is facing. The project planning therefore needs to carefully balance project progress, development of technology and cost control.