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Firesafe energy and beerenberg enter into international partnership agreement

Firesafe Energy and Beerenberg have entered into a partnership agreement which covers both products and services relating to passive fire protection. The companies’ complementary offerings will open the doors to new markets for both firms.

Firesafe is the biggest full-service provider of fire protection systems in the Nordic region. In addition to the design, manufacture, monitoring and servicing of fire systems for buildings and onshore plants, the company has also expanded into the offshore and marine markets in recent years through its subsidiary Firesafe Energy. Due to Firesafe’s position in the onshore construction industry, Beerenberg has given it exclusive Nordic rights to its prefabricated Benarx panels. Benarx prefab panels have been used in the oil and gas industry for a long time and allow for efficient installation of fire protection in all weather conditions. A highly successful project at Tjuvholmen in Oslo has already been delivered, and other projects are underway.

Beerenberg is a leading ISS supplier on the Norwegian Continental Shelf with framework agreements for both offshore and onshore plants. Fire-stopping is part of the ISS companies’ product catalogues. Firesafe’s solution for fire-stopping, GPG Marine, is a mortar-based product made from plaster, pearlite and fibreglass especially designed for marine environments. Beerenberg will be using the product on upcoming projects as an alternative to traditional solutions such as rubber blocks.

“We are delighted about this new partnership, which gives Firesafe a massive opportunity to enter the NCS with a competitive and high-quality solution for fire-stopping multi cable transits (so-called MCTs) as well as take a step into markets elsewhere in the world where Beerenberg plays a prominent role, such as South Korea,” says General Manager at Firesafe Energy AS, Erik Ulevik.

“Beerenberg has long wanted to grow its onshore business while still focusing on its core market, which is oil and gas. As a leading provider of fire protection to the manufacturing, building and construction industries, Firesafe is therefore a natural partner for Beerenberg,” says SVP Business Development at Beerenberg, Geir Harris.

Beerenberg’s patented Benarx panels are ready-made modules that can be fitted quickly onto walls and ceilings or around columns as an alternative to fire-retardant paint. Fire-retardant paint requires a certain ambient temperature and drying time in order to prevent flaking and quality impairment. The Benarx solution can be fitted all year round in less time. Costs will be kept down as the company begins to supply products designed for fire classes in onshore buildings.

Traditional solutions for fire-stopping multi cable transits (MCTs) are made from rubber and fitted into standardised frames with fixed dimensions. GPG Marine can be moulded in frames of a size and shape determined by the customer, provided the dimensions are within the tested thresholds.

About Firesafe

Firesafe is the largest fire protection services company in the Nordic region and the market leader in Norway on consulting and installation, inspection and servicing of fire protection systems. Firesafe’s values are competent – professional – engaged. Its market segments are building and tunnel construction. Its subsidiary Firesafe Energy operates in the offshore/marine market. The company’s headquarters are in Lørenskog near Oslo. Amongst other things, Firesafe is class 3-certified to design and inspect fire protection concepts. The company has offices in most of the big cities in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Firesafe was established in 1981. It employs 660 people and has an annual turnover of NOK 900 million.