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EU calls on the Research Council website

The Research Council takes active steps to promote increased Norwegian participation in the EU Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7). Now it is possible to access EU calls for proposals from the Research Council’s website.

Information about each call for proposal will be provided on the Research Council’s Norwegian webpages as it is published by the EU. Open the webpage entitled Finn utlysninger (Find calls for proposals).

The Norwegian presentations of the calls are linked to to the Participant Portal, the European Commission’s official website for the creation and submission of project proposals under FP7.

A general information text with a link to EU calls for proposals on the Participant Portal may be found on the Research Council’s English website (in the Find calls for proposals webpage).

Promoting internationalisation of research

Simen Ensby (Photo: Andreas B. Johansen) Calls for proposals for 2012 were published on 20 July.

“This presents an excellent opportunity to strengthen Norwegian research and exert our influence in Europe,” states Simen Ensby, Director of the EU RTD Department at the Research Council.

“This is a chance that all members of the Norwegian research community, organisations and the public administration who seek new knowledge cannot afford to miss”.