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DONG Energy supplying green energy

Danish energy company DONG Energy has inaugurated its latest British offshore wind farm, Gunfleet Sands. The wind farm, located in the Thames Estuary off the Essex coast, will supply green power corresponding to the annual power consumption of some 125,000...

“Our island is surrounded by some of the windiest coast in the world and that’s a resource we’ve got to use . I want to make sure we grab all the opportunities the rapidly expanding offshore wind industry has to offer, and that offshore wind power can come of age under this government”, says Energy Minister Charles Hendry according to Maritime Danmark.

The first green power from the wind farm was transmitted to shore in August 2009, and the entire wind farm having a total capacity of 172 MW, went into production in March 2010.

“The United Kingdom has a very ambitious plan for expanding the production of renewable energy and a target of making green energy and reliability of supply go hand in hand. DONG Energy is the market leader in terms of building offshore wind farms, and we are therefore pleased to be able to contribute to the expansion of renewable energy”, says Anders Eldrup, CEO of DONG Energy,

DONG Energy is heavily involved in the production and expansion of renewable energy in the UK.

The company is involved in building the three new major offshore wind farms, including what will be the world’s largest offshore wind farm London Array (630 MW), due to be commissioned in 2013. The other two wind farms, Walney (367 MW) and Lincs (270 MW) are scheduled for completion in 2011. When commissioned in 2013, London Array will be the world’s largest offshore wind farm. DONG Energy owns 74.9%, 25% and 50% of Walney, Lincs and London Array, respectively.

In addition, DONG Energy currently operates the offshore wind farms Burbo Bank (90 MW) and Barrows (90 MW). Burbo Bank is wholly owned by DONG Energy, whereas Barrows is owned by DONG Energy and Centrica, each with a 50% stake.