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Dolphin Interconnect Announces a CompactPCI Card for the High-Speed, Low-Latency SCI Interconnect.

Dolphin Interconnect Solutions now supports CompactPCI systems with its new 3U cPCI to SCI Adapter Card.

Dolphin Interconnect Solutions now supports CompactPCI systems with its new 3U cPCI to SCI Adapter Card.  The cPCI-SCI interconnect gives OEMs a new option for integrating high-performance scalable coherent interface (SCI) interconnectivity into embedded applications and high-end server clusters.

Two versions of the cPCI-SCI Adapter Card are available with support

for one or two SCI rings.  This unique two SCI ring solution has a

distributed switching capability between the two rings offering users

the ability to design sophisticated high performance failover systems

and large high performance clusters and much more, while offering the

simple hot plug capability of cPCI and SCI.  The cPCI-SCI Adapter

Card is also compatible with the Dolphin Interconnect standard

PCI-SCI and PMC-SCI Adapter Cards, the 8-port SCI switch, and Dolphin

Interconnect 2D WulfKit.  All Dolphin SCI interconnect cards and

switches can be used in a variety of configurations including rings,

distributed switching 2D torus and fixed switched topologies.

According to Keith Murphy, VP Sales for Dolphin Interconnect, “the

addition of CompactPCI for SCI provides new and exciting options for

integrating the super fast SCI interconnect into a wide range of

embedded applications and HPC clusters.  Now SCI can be accessed

directly from a ‘hot plug’ cPCI slot in any 3U chassis.”

SCI provides the best latency performance for short messages and

enables processor-to-processor communication with low protocol

overhead.  Typical latencies for PCI bus architectures are 1.4

microseconds for an 8-byte store and 3 microseconds for a 512-byte

store.  SCI has excellent bandwidth capabilities in RMA (remote

memory access) mode or DMA mode.  The technology also has advantages

in high availability applications by providing very fast failover.

The SCI technology available in the cPCI, PCI and PMC Adapter Cards

is the fifth generation SCI implementation developed by Dolphin

Interconnect and features mature embedded software support.  This

technology has been used in a variety of high-performance

interconnect applications for many years.  Reference shipping

customers include Sun Microsystems, Thales, Philips Medical, Avtec,

Auspex, Promicro, Alzato, X Prime and Fujitsu.  Dolphin’s SCI

interconnect technology is also employed in a number of large

high-performance computing clusters worldwide, the largest of which

is the 200-node Monolith cluster installed last year at the Swedish

National Supercomputing Center in Linkoping.

About Dolphin Interconnect Solutions

Dolphin Interconnect Solutions of Natick, Massachusetts (USA) and

Oslo, Norway provides high-speed, high-bandwidth interconnect

products based on the scalable coherent interface (SCI).  Dolphin

products and technologies are used in OEM embedded applications

requiring very high interconnect performance, and, combined with

management software are used to build cost effective, highly

scalable, enterprise-class clustering solutions with standards-based

hardware.  For additional information, please visit