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Dolphin Express Interconnect Solution to Power Teligent Application Server

High performance interconnect from Dolphin more than doubles performance in Teligent Application Server

Dolphin Interconnect Solutions, a global provider of high performance, high availability interconnect solutions, and Teligent, a global supplier of value-added services to telecommunications carriers, today announced that Teligent has selected Dolphin Express for its Teligent Application Server. Dolphin Express replaces Gigabit Ethernet as the primary interconnect within Teligent Application Server which is built on the patented Teligent P90/E platform. This win further validates Dolphin Express’ product line as the ideal choice for the near real-time requirements found in many database applications for the telecommunications industry.

As part of Teligent’s continuous search for ways to enhance its products, MySQL cluster was selected as the primary database earlier this year. MySQL and Dolphin have for many years collaborated in the enhancement of software and hardware to further optimize the interconnect element of a MySQL Cluster hardware architecture. This close relationship played an important part in Teligent’s evaluation and selection of Dolphin Express.
The telecommunications market is changing rapidly with demands for lower cost of service deliveries and more flexible platforms to handle services over different types of networks. Most telecom applications are in addition vulnerable to the explosive increase in the sheer number of simultaneous users. Dolphin’s proven interconnect technology delivering the lowest latency in communication between servers in a database cluster will be instrumental in helping Teligent fulfill the changing requirements of this growing market. Through better performing interconnect, Teligent can reduce the number of costly servers in its smaller configurations without reducing performance. In addition larger systems will scale to a new level without the corresponding increase in cost. Through the use of Dolphin SuperSocketsTM, The Teligent Application Server is able to support its world class services and application features without changing any part of the application.
“Dolphin Express was the clear choice due to the impressive improvements in performance shown in the benchmarks we performed during our extensive evaluation,” said Johan Lindskog, vice president for the Teligent Application Server platform business unit. “We constantly need to fulfill the market’s requirements to handle a rapidly increasing volume of transactions in various applications, and Dolphin Interconnect Solutions has a strong track record of supporting high performance environments to fulfill such requirements.”
The Teligent Application Server is built on the Teligent P90/E platform, which provides a state-of-the-art environment for new and existing services, and is currently deployed in more than 200 systems around the globe. The Teligent Application Server, which supports IMS and NGN networks, features a series of off-the-shelf services including Mobile IP Centrex, Convergent IN Services, Mass Calling/Televoting System, Service Delivery and Charging, Next Generation Messaging, and Softswitch applications. The standards-based, open architecture utilizes non-proprietary hardware and software resources, while combining outstanding cost efficiency and scalability. The platform provides flexibility, a wide availability of resources, high-fault tolerance, and great scalability, thereby addressing the telecommunications market’s demands for lower costs and seamless integration of services over different types of networks.
“The telecommunications industry is one of the most demanding and rapidly changing industries, and Dolphin is committed to continually enhance our state-of-the-art technology to fulfill these needs,” said Tim Miller, chief executive officer of Dolphin Interconnect Solutions. “In addition to demonstrating product leadership in high performance telecommunications environments, Dolphin’s software development group worked together with Teligent in the specification and development of new alarm management functionality, further improving the high availability features of Dolphin Express.”
The benchmarks which were conducted prior to the decision to select Dolphin Express, evaluated two different architectures. The first architecture used MySQL Cluster as the database engine, utilizing Dolphin Express interconnect between the replication layers, MySQL Server and the MySQL Cluster nodes. The speed-up in this scenario was 118% and was a result of both radically reduced latency of the cluster interconnect as well as better efficiency in the use of the CPU.
The second architecture evaluated, used MySQL with the InnoDB storage engine, again using Dolphin Express for all interconnects between the different layers in the architecture. In this scenario the speed-up was 128% and was achieved to a great extent by the very low latency using Dolphin Express.
In addition to the well known benefits Dolphin Express brings to MySQL Cluster architectures, this benchmark proves that Dolphin Express can significantly improve performance in MySQL replication scenarios as well as to other database engines when used as a backend to the MySQL Server.