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Dolphin announces Dolphin Express interconnect for maximum Oracle RAC performance

Dolphin Interconnect Solutions ASA announces availability of its 'Dolphin Express' database cluster interconnect architecture for Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) at the 2008 Oracle North America Sales Kick-off in Las Vegas, NV.

Dolphin Interconnect Solutions ASA announces availability of its ‘Dolphin Express’ database cluster interconnect architecture for Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) at the 2008 Oracle North America Sales Kick-off in Las Vegas, NV.  Developed to accelerate database cluster performance, Dolphin Express has been tuned to maximize the transaction throughput of Oracle clusters. Recent benchmarking done in conjunction with major server OEMs with Oracle RAC show over 2 times greater transaction throughput for similar cluster configurations using Dolphin Express than those based on Ethernet.  Dolphin Express is a layered software and hardware interconnect architecture enabling highly available, high throughput, low latency, scalable database clusters with standard low cost servers.

Dolphin Express software, called SuperSockets, provides a low latency ‘sockets’ interface which provides direct compatibility with Oracle RAC cluster.  Dolphin Express SuperSockets supports any application using TCP/UDP/RDS/IP unmodified. Dolphin Express hardware consists of Dolphin developed ultra low latency interconnect modules that plug into  PCI Express slots in standard servers supporting cost effective clusters from 2 to 100’s of nodes. The standard interfaces of Dolphin Express software insure complete software application compatibility while allowing for seamless evolution to faster and more powerful hardware technology over time. Dolphin Express leverages the industry’s move to PCI Express and will provide direct connection to PCI Express IO devices, PCI Express Gen2 physical layer (5Gbps/lane), and PCI Express IOV technology.

Dolphin Express can deliver its outstanding performance for Oracle because it is especially designed to handle the type of data transfers predominant in Oracle applications.  In Oracle most messages are very short – in the order of a few bytes only – and none are more than a few kilobytes.  Therefore, the most important measure for the cluster interconnect performance is the bandwidth of short transfers.  This is where the Dolphin Express technology excels due to the direct remote memory access (RMA) used for short messages where only a single CPU store operation is needed to send 8 bytes of data.  No DMA set-up overhead and no protocol stack processing are required.

“As an Oracle Partner we are committed to providing Oracle database users access to the highest performance solutions for their business critical applications.” said Kare Lochsen, CEO of Dolphin Interconnect Solutions.  “Dolphin is committed to being a major supplier of quality solutions to the enterprise marketplace by partnering with the leading enterprise server vendors and the world’s leading supplier of database solutions to leverage the ultra-low latency and high throughput capabilities of our Dolphin Express technology.”
In addition to participation at Booth #611 at the Oracle Conference in Las Vegas, NV 12-13 June, Dolphin will be participating in the 2007 HP Technology Forum 18-21 June in Las Vegas. Further details about Dolphin Express including full Dolphin Express performance benchmark results are available for download atwww.dolphinics.com.