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DNV GL’s WindGEMINI wind turbine under-performance alert system updated

Significant improvements made to WindGEMINI’s capabilities to identify wind turbine under-performance.

BRISTOL, U.K., 18 June 2020 – DNV GL, the world’s largest resource of independent energy experts and certification body, has made some significant improvements to WindGEMINI’s capabilities to identify wind turbine under-performance.

The improvements rolled out in the latest update to the tool include a sophisticated system for raising an alert when WindGEMINI identifies under-performance from a turbine.

WindGEMINI’s algorithms constantly monitor wind turbines for any signs of under-performance. Even a 1% or 2% drop in power production can become a significant loss of revenue if it continues, with more serious cases costing thousands of dollars (USD) every month. WindGEMINI can identify derating, icing or degradation within hours of it happening.

As soon as any under-performance is detected, WindGEMINI automatically sends email alerts with information related to the event, so remedial work can take place immediately.

DNV GL’s online digital twin, WindGEMINI, is the most advanced and comprehensive wind operations analytics solution, and is currently used on over 33 wind farms with a cumulative capacity of 3 GW.