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Defence & Security technology – now available for download

Download or read the new Norway Exports edition Defence & Security technology 2008/2009.

Download or read the new Norway Exports edition Defence & Security technology 2008/2009.

Comprised of several in-depth articles and a presentation of 33 different companies, this edition is now also available for download in PDF format.

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Defence & industry – Working towards common goals

The Norwegian defence industry’s reputation for technological expertise and quality combined with the highest of ethics is a valuable tool in helping Norwegian industry gain access to an increasing number of foreign markets. This combined with the Norwegian Defence Industry’s emphasis on offset agreements as well as the building of military strength is continuing to build valuable synergies both nationally and internationally.

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An invitation to cooperate 
The global defence business is experiencing industrial convergence on all levels – from total platform integration where joint ventures are becoming more and more common – down to the components and subsystems level where globalization is becoming the rule rather than exception
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While Norway is a country of just 4.6 million people, its military is nevertheless well armed with modern weaponry, communications and transportation designed to manage the nation’s unique challenges as an Arctic land with international responsibilities.
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3D Perception AS
ComPower AS
Comrod AS
Drytech AS
Eidsvoll Electronics AS (EIDEL)
FotoPhono AS
Heli-One (Norway) AS
High Density Devices AS
JAG Vision AS
Jotne EPM Technology AS
Kitron AS
Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS
Kongsberg Mikroelektronikk AS (KME)
Maritime Partner AS
Nammo AS
Nera Networks AS
Nordic Defence Supply AS
Norwegian Defence Research
Establishment (FFI)

OSI Optoelectronics AS
Park Air Systems AS
ROFI Industrier AS
T&G Elektro AS
Techni AS
Telenor Satellite Broadcasting AS
Teleplan GLobe AS
Thales Norway AS
Tinex AS
Trelleborg Viking AS
Tronrud Engineering AS