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Continued growth for Norwegian Seafood

Exports of seafood reached 2.1 BNOK in August, which is 360 MNOK more than in the same month last year. .

Figures from Norwegian Seafood Export Council (NSEC) show a total value of seafood exports of 18.3 BNOK so far this year, representing an increase of 11 percent compared with last year.

Salmon and herring are increasing the export value
Increased exports of salmon for 965 MNOK are responsible for half the total increase in value so far this year. This is primarily due to an increase in the price for fresh salmon. This past August, the average price for fresh salmon was 27.91 NOK compared with 22.95 NOK in August 2004. Exports of herring during the first eight months of 2005 have also increased strongly, with a value growth of 574 MNOK. This is largely due to a price increase for frozen herring of approximately 40 percent compared with 6.21 NOK per kilo for the same period last year.

Exports of fresh fish are increasing
Exports of fresh fish from Norway are increasing by 1.4 BNOK. Of this amount, 1.2 BNOK is from fresh salmon. Exports of fresh trout have increased by 65 MNOK, while exports of fresh cod fillets increased by 62 MNOK compared with the same period last year.

Growth in exports of whole frozen cod and saithe
Exports of frozen cod so far this year are at 273 MNOK, which is 106 MNOK higher than at the same time last year. The greatest growth has been to China with 57 MNOK. For frozen saithe, the increase is 99 MNOK to 217 MNOK. The increase has been greatest to the Ukraine with 53 MNOK.

Increased exports of clipfish of saithe, but decline in clipfish of cod
So far this year, exports of clipfish of saithe have increased by 23 MNOK. The growth has been greatest to the Dominican Republic with 53 MNOK. Exports of clipfish of cod have been reduced by 30 MNOK to 896 MNOK. The greatest decline has been to Italy and Brazil with 10 and 8 MNOK, respectively.

Exports of peeled prawns have been reduced by 33 MNOK so far this year. The decline has been greatest to Denmark with 34 MNOK and Great Britain with 15 MNOK. At the same time, exports of peeled prawns to Japan have increased by 12 MNOK. Exports of frozen raw prawns increased by 36 MNOK in the first eight months of the year. The greatest growth has been to Iceland with 37 MNOK.