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Complete, wireless VHF and instrument control – Simrad Remotecommander

Simrad has announced the imminent arrival of 'RemoteCommander', a brand new wireless remote control designed to improve control of onboard electronics.

Simrad has announced the imminent arrival of ‘RemoteCommander’, a brand new wireless remote control designed to improve control of onboard electronics. RemoteCommander is the first marine remote control that acts as a wireless VHF handset and can both display data and control the entire suite of onboard electronics including: Autopilots, Instruments, VHF, Chartplotters and combination products (with echosounders).

Ideal for small commercial fishing vessels or sports fishers, RemoteCommander offers the freedom and confidence of complete control from anywhere onboard and can be used with much of the highly regarded range of Simrad navigation and communication products.

The introduction of the rugged, waterproof RemoteCommander is the next evolution in the world of marine electronics. The modern professional or sports fisherman will find the inclusion of wireless VHF functionality essential as RemoteCommander itself acts as a wirefree mobile handset for the Simrad RS80 series radio.

The unique and highly flexible functionality is made possible through SimNet, the advanced marine network from Simrad that allows seamless integration. The base unit requires no separate power supply and simply needs to be connected to the SimNet network, in order to have complete and instant control of the products in the network.

Though providing the world’s first wireless VHF handset, the true power of the RemoteCommander is also its ability to control such a wide range of

Autopilots (TP22, TP32, WP32, AP16, AP25/26/27)
– Steer the boat from anywhere onboard
– Easy course adjustment using the NavPad
– Wireless control of advanced steering features
– Heading information display in the palm of your hand

Plotters, Echosounders and NavStation (CP31, CX33, CX34/44/54, EQ33/44/54)
– Remotely command your Radar, ChartPlotter or Sounder
– Change views, zoom, scroll cursor
– Full MOB control from anywhere
– Seamless control of pilot and navigation

VHF (RS81/82, RS86/87)
– Make VHF calls from the handset
– Choose channel, press PTT
– Easy volume and squelch adjustment
– Call crew on the intercom

“The ability to make VHF calls and control equipment from anywhere onboard will mean the fisherman can get on with his work with greater confidence that the boat is running smoothly,” says Anders Haneborg, International Sales Manager, professional. “With full steering functionality a skipper is able to use the RemoteCommander to follow any course required, even when away from the wheelhouse.”

Small, but incredibly powerful, the rugged, waterproof handset has been designed with ease of use at the forefront. Featuring just a few keys and circular NavPad, the primary functions of all systems in the network can be accessed with the minimum of button presses. A simple keypad lock means it cannot be operated accidentally. The display/menu is fully customisable, providing complete control of whatever data you want to view. It also features a white backlight for day use and red for night use.

Power comes from an advanced, high capacity rechargeable Li-Ion battery which is charged whenever the handset is placed in its cradle. The RemoteCommander also comes with a handy neck strap.

“A complete SimNet network onboard greatly enhances navigation, control and communication capabilities. Add RemoteCommander to the network and the most advanced electronics set-up available today provides not only greater reliability, safety and performance, but total freedom too,” comments Jan Berner, President.