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COMING UP – New issue from Norway Exports on Business Tourism

There are many reasons why businesses and organizations from all over the world are choosing Norway as their Natural Business Destination. Whether for team building or hospitality activities, events, congresses or high-level negotiations and meetings, the country provides a stunning...

This issue of Norway Exports will explore and promote Norway as the chosen destination for businesses, organizations and other groups. Stretching from the High North through mountains and fjords, to the friendly and warm cities and towns, to the south- and westland of the country, Norway is accessible, professional and affordable.

Lindesnes Lighthouse, Vest-Agder
©Per Eide

The themes will provide a taste of what the country has to offer businesses and their employees from all over the globe:

Sogndal Valley -Sogn & Fjordane
©Morten Heiselberg

• Why should companies have arrangements in Norway – On time and within budgets, events are the new method of communication, and Norway leads the way.

• Adventure Bound – Adventure destinations provide businesses the chance to build the team, solidify business relationships – and just enjoy.

• Business by Experience – focuses on destinations that are part of the stunning nature around the beautiful nature.

• Tradition meets the Future – there is not end to the surprises you will find in the mountains, down by the fjords, in the villages and in the cities of this country. Unique and eye-opening.

• Business pleasure – leisure activities in a “business” perspective.

• Ecotourism in Norway – a growing global “brand” where Norway offers the seldom-seen experiences.

In addition, a wide range of hotels, restaurants, destinations, venues and activities will be profiled in this issue of Norway Exports, an issue that will find its way into meetings and board rooms all across the globe.

The Natural Business Destination – NORWAY

If you believe your business should be featured in this upcoming issue, please contact Paal Tidemand on 21 50 81 54 or Cecile Våge.

Please click here to see examples of featured companies from other issues:

Skagen Brygge Hotell
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Actionsport, skiing in Narvik – Nordland
©Per Eide