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Business Region Bergen

For people looking for a place to settle down and further their career at the same time, the city of Bergen and the county of Hordaland is the place to live and work. Known as “the Bergen region”, with its...

Bergen Tram
The city of Bergen is known for both its stunning views as well as its international business successes
© Pål berg

The Bergen region features a wide variety of industries and business areas. With Bergen at the heart, cities and towns such as Stord, Odda, Husnes, Ålvik, Øygarden and Mongstad represent important commercial and industrial centres. A leading region within the area of petroleum, aquaculture, hydroelectric power, maritime operations and ICT, just to name a few areas, the synergies being developed leading to success are being felt far outsid

Download or read the new Norway Exports edition “Live and Work in the Bergen Region” 2008/2009.
The edition consists of several in-depth articles and presents 22 different companies situated in Bergen, and is now available for download in PDF format.
(To download click on the picture. Document file size is 8,66 mb

e of the region’s borders.

NCE Subsea
The subsea industry in the Bergen Region is just one of the business areas that have enjoyed ongoing international successs
© NCE Subsea

For those looking to increase business, career or investment opportunities, the Bergen region is a wise choice. Take time to read the information available here online on Nortrade from the Norway Exports issue “Live and Work in Bergen”, first published in September 2008.