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Birdstep introduces SmartRoaming

Birdstep Technology introduces a simple-to-use roaming service called “SmartRoaming”.

Birdstep Technology introduces a simple-to-use roaming service called “SmartRoaming”.

To cater to the existing needs of individual end-users and enterprises, Birdstep introduces “SmartRoaming”, a hosted roaming service to provide mobility across networks. This service is independent of the operator or subscription and is accessible exclusively via the Birdstep Mobile IP client. The service is specially designed for data roaming, with multimedia and enterprise applications as typical areas of use.

The purpose of this offering is to extend the coverage of the existing services across multiple networks and to significantly add to the ‘Ease-of-use’ experience when professional workers and regular users access such applications on the road.

With this service, moving from GPRS/EDGE/3G coverage to WLAN and vice versa will not interrupt your connection. Users that activate this service will be able to enjoy uninterrupted access to various applications such as read emails, use instant messaging, access secure Internet banking, video conferencing, video and audio downloads, streaming, online gaming as well as access to enterprise applications that require uninterrupted secure connections to backend servers.

”We are obviously excited about the potential of the services offered by SmartRoaming to end users and enterprises. We are confident that the direct exposure of the added value of this service towards the end user will accelerate the uptake of our technology in the market” says CEO of Birdstep, Jørgen Bredesen.

At launch, users of Symbian based Smart Phones can subscribe to this service. Support for this service on Windows Mobile and Windows Notebooks will follow.