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Beerenberg is to recruit new apprentices in the ISS disciplines (insulation, scaffolding and surface treatment / industrial painting).

“Attracting qualified labour with professional skills fit for the future is a priority for Beerenberg. In 2019 we will therefore invest a great deal of time in training young people. We see it as part of our social responsibility,” says Elisabet Loose, training manager at Beerenberg, about the background to the recruitment drive.

Extensive training

Beerenberg announced the good news at the “Utdanning og Karriere” education fair, which took place in Stavanger 21–22 January. “We hope to meet enthusiastic and interested youngsters who may be prospective candidates for training with us.”

Apprentices undergo extensive training to give the right candidates a good starting point for working offshore. “One aspect of the training is to develop the apprentices’ ability to work independently and with attention to detail and to ensure that they have the technical skills required to do the job in a professional manner. We also seek to encourage creative thinking and develop their ability to communicate with customers, colleagues and other partners,” says Loose, who thinks the apprenticeship programme will prove to be an exciting and challenging experience for the right candidates.

Multiple benefits

Paid training on an apprentice salary under the Industry Agreement is one of the benefits offered by Beerenberg. “There are also good prospects for permanent employment and further promotion at Beerenberg after completing the apprenticeship,” says Loose.

A cross-disciplinary partnership

The apprenticeship programme involves both practical project experience and academic support. “As well as offering training in all aspects of the ISS disciplines we will also be working closely with the ISS apprentice training agency in Hordaland,” she says. “This means that professional knowledge and cross-disciplinary co-operation are important elements in the training, and Beerenberg will receive valuable help from the training agency with the practical aspects of the apprenticeship scheme.”

Good response from enthusiastic youngsters

The company is looking forward to the process and has received good feedback from the young people they met at the education fair. “We have spoken to many young people who are curious about the opportunities we offer and have clearly stated that they see this as an attractive career path. Beerenberg is a great place to work with many dedicated and talented employees ready to welcome motivated apprentices,” Elisabet Loose concludes.