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BankID for mobile phones ready

(Fornebu, 23. March 2009) BankID for mobile phones is now available. This is an electronic identification and signature solution where the security elements are saved on the SIM card of the mobile phone. This will make banking and payment services...

To start with, BankID for mobile phones will enable online banking users to log on to the online banking service without the use of the code unit, as long as they have a mobile phone available. Many will find this to be a huge advantage since they tend to have their mobile telephone with them at all times, but not the code unit that one needs currently.

A ground-breaking partnership

“So far, only the online banking customers of DnB NOR and Skandiabanken with mobile subscriptions with Telenor have access to BankID for mobile phones. We do, however, expect that the other banks and mobile operators will soon offer this solution,” says Arne Hyttnes, Managing Director of The Norwegian Savings Banks Association.

BankID for mobile phones has been developed by the banks together with Telenor. On the banking side, DnB NOR has been key in the development process and Skandiabanken has been involved in testing and implementing the solution. Other banks in the BankID Partnership have joined in and contributed underway. The banking industry is keen to see other mobile operators support the partnership.

“The cooperation between the banking industry and Telenor has been ground-breaking and is being noticed outside Norway, because cooperation between the banking and telecommunication industries is known to be very demanding in practice. With BankID for mobile phones we are taking the development of the mobile phone as a distribution channel and payment tool a huge leap forward. This helps the Norwegian banking industry retain its position as a world leader when it comes to using modern and cost-effective solutions,” states Arne Skauge, Managing Director of The Norwegian Financial Services Association (FNH).

The BankID Partnership intends for BankID for mobile phones to be used on various websites/user sites outside the banking world, and in situations where there is a need for secure identification and a signature. Customers will, for example, gradually be able to use BankID for mobile phones when they shop online. They will also be able to bid on properties via mobile phone because they will be able to identify themselves and sign electronically with the help of BankID for mobile phones. BankAxess online account payment with BankID for mobile phones, and recharging prepaid cards are other areas of use.

Mobile even more important 

Ragnar Kårhus, Head of Telenor in Norway, claims that BankID for mobile phones will make the mobile phone an even more important tool for the majority.
“BankID for mobile phones will make everyday life for Norwegian mobile subscribers easier. At the same time Telenor is highly committed to the security of our customers, and it is with great pride that we are now presenting a not just simple but secure service,” says Kårhus.
Telenor encourages other mobile operators to arrange for BankID for mobile phones so the service becomes available to all mobile users in Norway.

Banks issue mobile BankID

It is the banks that will issue BankID for mobile phones in the same way as normal BankID which is used by 1.9 million online banking customers.

BankID Partnership

The BankID Partnership comprises the entire Norwegian banking industry and was set up by the Norwegian Financial Services Association (FNH) and the Norwegian Savings Banks Association. BBS Infrastruktur is the technical supplier to the BankID Partnership. BankID for mobile phones has been developed together with Telenor.


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