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Aker Kvaerner wins power boiler contracts for UPM’s paper mills in UK and France

Aker Kvaerner's subsidiary Kvaerner Power has been awarded contracts for power boilers by UPM's paper mills in United Kingdom and France. The contracts are worth approximately EUR 60 million.

UPM will build power plants with bioenergy production at their paper mills in northeastern Wales, UK and in northwestern France near Paris.

Both mills produce newsprint paper based on recycled fiber. Instead of landfilling, the unusable part of recycled paper will be burned with an advanced combustion technology and used for renewable energy production for the mills.

UPM is a leading biofuel user in the world, with approximately 60% of their fuel amount being biofuels. The new investments will further increase the biofuel usage.

Kvaerner Power will deliver power boilers using bubbling fluidized bed (BFB) technology to both mills. The boilers have steam capacities of 82 megawatt (MW) each. The two new power boiler orders from UPM follow only a month after the previous order to Kvaerner Power for UPM’s Rauma paper mill in Finland, for the supply of a power boiler with 107 MW steam capacity.


Kvaerner Power’s BFB technology for demanding biofuels
Kvaerner Power is a forerunner and an expert in bubbling fluidized bed (BFB) boilers for environmentally friendly power generation from biofuels and recycled fuel with steam capacity ranging from 20 to 300 MWth. Kvaerner Power’s HYBEX® boilers using BFB technology, are suitable for wide range of fuel moisture from thermally dried bark to high moisture forest residue.

UPM Shotton

The new sludge boiler at Shotton paper mill in UK will replace an existing one supplied by Kvaerner Power in 1980’s. The existing boiler will remain as a back-up unit. The new boiler’s modern BFB technology adds sludge burning capacity and increases the steam and electricity production at the mill. The flue gas cleaning system, improving the mill’s environmental performance, will also be supplied Kvaerner Power. The boiler will burn all the de-inking sludge produced in the mill’s paper recycling process, as well as sawmill and forest residue. The boiler will be ready for start-up at the end of 2006. The new boiler investment at the Shotton paper mill has received support from UK government.

UPM Chapelle Darblay
At Chapelle Darblay paper mill in France the new BFB boiler will also replace an existing boiler from 1980’s, supplied by Kvaerner Power. The new boiler will burn the mill’s de-inking sludge as well as wood available in the region and it will start-up in the beginning of 2007. The mill’s power plant will be also equipped with a flue gas cleaning system supplied by Kvaerner Power. The French government supports UPM Chapelle Darblay’s power plant investment in promoting energy production from renewable fuels. UPM’s proposal was one of the 14 accepted proposals in a bidding process to promote renewable energy.

UPM Rauma

As announced 25 January 2005 Kvaerner Power will deliver a power boiler using bubbling fluidized bed technology to a power plant at UPM’s Rauma paper mill on the west coast of Finland. The BFB boiler has a steam capacity of 107 MW. The boiler will be ready at the end of 2006 and it will replace a coal-fired boiler from the 1960’s, which was also supplied by Kvaerner Power.