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Acta adapts the organisation to new customer concepts

As informed about when the first quarter interim report was presented, Acta has started a process where alternative ways of serving clients with advisory services are evaluated.

Acta will make a clear distinction between larger and smaller clients, where the advisory activity will concentrate on providing individual advice to larger clients. Smaller clients will not be served on a one-to-one basis, but they will be offered service through centralized competence centres. Even if Acta will maintain the core of its distribution network, the need for employees will unfortunately be reduced. The management will today inform the employees of significant organisational changes in the business.

The restructuring of the business will imply that parts of the organisation will be allocated more resources, while other parts will have to be reduced. Acta will strengthen the activity in Acta Asset Management, and the individual advisory services to the larger clients will in the future be conducted based on the licences held by this company. The activity in Acta Kapitalforvaltning will be reduced, and the company will be responsible for serving the smaller clients through centralized competence centres. These organisational changes will at first be implemented in Norway, and similar processes will later on start in Sweden and Denmark.