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Use the Trade Lead to submit and distribute trade requests directly to the relevant suppliers, completely free of charge. Your request will be accesible on our Trade Board, and will after approval, be distributed directly to Norwegian companies. Requests can be submitted for trade, cooperation, tenders and information.

Companies (from all over the world) can submit trade requests selecting specific industry sectors and companies of their choice.

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Industry Sector
Created Header Country Sector
01-11-2017 Leather goods Bangladesh Giftware, Clothing,Textiles & Jewellery
23-10-2017 Cleaning and disinfection systems Germany Health Care
19-10-2017 Outfittings cooperation Poland Building & Construction
11-10-2017 Real Estate Advisor wanted Poland Building & Construction
11-10-2017 Cooperation milling parts supplier Poland Production Technology
05-10-2017 Merchant exporter INDIA India Metal, Stone & Mineral Product
04-10-2017 Salmon Israel Seafood
26-09-2017 Flagpoles and Flags Poland Production Technology
22-09-2017 Windows and doors Poland Building & Construction
13-09-2017 Roads Safety products Poland Road Technology
11-09-2017 Food processing, packaging and trading Sudan Food & Beverage (not Seafood)
11-09-2017 Glass fibre manufacturer Poland Agriculture & Forestry, Building & Construction, Production Technology
08-09-2017 Plastic Crates for Poultry Transport Poland Agriculture & Forestry
05-09-2017 NFC JUICE SUPPLIER Poland Food & Beverage (not Seafood)
04-09-2017 Cotton Bags from Bangladesh Bangladesh Clothing,Textiles & Jewellery
04-09-2017 Looking for Special Items Lebanon Food & Beverage (not Seafood)
31-08-2017 Salesforce consulting United States Consultants
29-08-2017 European wooden furniture Poland Furniture & Interior Design
29-08-2017 Frozen red king crab section Korea, Republic of (South Korea) Seafood
29-08-2017 Red King Crab Korea, Republic of (South Korea) Seafood