Selling to Norway

An overview of trade requests posted by international companies, who are looking to sell their products or services to the Norwegian market.

Industry Sector
Created Header Country Sector
09-01-2018 Natural & Organic spices Canada Food & Beverage (not Seafood)
28-12-2017 Cooperation for Technological Apparel Turkey Clothing,Textiles & Jewellery
21-12-2017 Valve Manufacturing China, People's Republic of Oil & Gas
14-12-2017 Sports knitwear Poland Clothing,Textiles & Jewellery
07-12-2017 Wafers Poland Food & Beverage (not Seafood)
05-12-2017 Energy efficiency Poland Consultants
05-12-2017 Packaging Poland Paper, Pulp & Packaging
05-12-2017 Packaging Poland Paper, Pulp & Packaging
04-12-2017 Herbs and Spices Bulgaria Food & Beverage (not Seafood)
01-12-2017 Solar catamaran Poland Pleasure Boats & Marine Equipment
27-11-2017 Apparels India Clothing,Textiles & Jewellery
24-11-2017 Qualified specialists available for the construction industry Slovakia Building & Construction
24-11-2017 Health-Beauty cosmetics Poland Brands & Consumer Products
20-11-2017 Sugar and Seeds Poland Food & Beverage (not Seafood)
19-11-2017 Toffee Apple, Caramel Apple Poland Food & Beverage (not Seafood)
13-11-2017 Cambodia pepper Cambodia Food & Beverage (not Seafood)
07-11-2017 Imitation Jewelry, Oxidized Jewelry, Handbags, Shopping Bags, Carrying Bags etc. India Giftware
01-11-2017 Leather goods Bangladesh Giftware, Clothing,Textiles & Jewellery
23-10-2017 Cleaning and disinfection systems Germany Health Care
19-10-2017 Outfittings cooperation Poland Building & Construction