Selling to Norway

An overview of trade requests posted by international companies, who are looking to sell their products or services to the Norwegian market.

Industry Sector
Created Header Country Sector
18-05-2017 Underfloor Heating Components Poland Building & Construction, Production Technology
17-05-2017 Upholstered furniture Poland Furniture & Interior Design
15-05-2017 Web and mobile applications Poland ICT
09-05-2017 Flagpoles and Flags Poland Marketing & PR
26-04-2017 Organic Sweet Basil Nigeria Food & Beverage (not Seafood)
14-04-2017 Pine nuts ( dry nuts ) Pakistan Food & Beverage (not Seafood)
11-04-2017 Welded steel structures Poland Oil & Gas
10-04-2017 Bib Apron/ Chef Apron Pakistan Clothing,Textiles & Jewellery
06-04-2017 Leather Badge Holder Wallet Pakistan Clothing,Textiles & Jewellery
06-04-2017 Canvas Tote Bag/ Grocery Bag/ Jute Bag/ Promotional Bags Pakistan Clothing,Textiles & Jewellery
05-04-2017 Distributor of Dairy products Poland Food & Beverage (not Seafood)
05-04-2017 Marupes Metalmaster Latvia Metal, Stone & Mineral Product
04-04-2017 Polish socks factory Poland Clothing,Textiles & Jewellery
03-04-2017 Coffee Rwanda Food & Beverage (not Seafood)
03-04-2017 Import and export Nigeria Metal, Stone & Mineral Product
02-04-2017 Food products India Food & Beverage (not Seafood)
02-04-2017 Food products India Food & Beverage (not Seafood)
30-03-2017 Cotton Flour Bag/ Food Packing Bag/ Muslin Bag Pakistan Clothing,Textiles & Jewellery
30-03-2017 Cotton Pouch/ Party Favor Bag/ Velvet Pouch Pakistan Clothing,Textiles & Jewellery
30-03-2017 Cotton Muslin Bag/ Cotton Pouch/ Gift Bag/ Wedding Bag Pakistan Clothing,Textiles & Jewellery