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Sonton Teknologi AS

Address: Skippergata 12, 3921 PORSGRUNN
Phone: +47 35931240

Visiting address: 3921 PORSGRUNN
Phone: +47 35931240
Fax: N/A
Region: Eastern Norway
Company REGNBR: 976865499
Year of establishment: 1996
Number of employees: N/A

Board Chairman:
Tove Austad Kilen

Board Members:
Tonje Austad Kilen
Bjørn Tore Kilen

General Manager:
Bjørn Tore Kilen

Subsidiary companies:

Largest shareholders:
AUTENCIA AS 90.00% (450001)

Operating income: 3382
Operating profit: 145
Operating profit before tax: 74
Total assets: 5823
Total equity: 1815
Currency: NOK (all numbers in thousands)

Export Markets: N/A

Industry sectors: N/A

Camera server, Duptemp, HWg-STE, Munin, ProtoCarrier, Protocessor, ProtoNode, Senselt, VAweb

Industry codes (CPV):

  • Batch-processing services.
  • Computer and related services.
  • Computer support and consultancy services.
  • Computer tabulation services.
  • Computer time sharing services.
  • Custom software development services.
  • Data analysis services.
  • Data capture services.
  • Data collection and collation services.
  • Data conversion services.
  • Data entry services.
  • Data network management and support services.
  • Data preparation services.
  • Data services.
  • Data storage services.
  • Data supply services.
  • Data transmission services.
  • Data-processing services.
  • Development of software for military applications.
  • Development of transaction processing and custom software.
  • Programming services of application software.
  • Programming services of packaged software products.
  • Programming services of systems and user software.
  • Programming services.
  • Prototyping services.
  • Research and development services and related consultancy services.(4)
  • Software configuration services.
  • Software consultancy services.
  • Software development services.
  • Software implementation services.
  • Software integration consultancy services.
  • Software programming and consultancy services.
  • Software supply services.
  • System implementation planning services.
  • System maintenance and support services.
  • Systems analysis and programming services.
  • Systems and technical consultancy services.
  • Technical computer support services.