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K Trana Redskapsfabrikk AS

Address: Ingvald Ystgaards veg 9, 7047 TRONDHEIM
Phone: +47 73917206

Visiting address: 7047 TRONDHEIM
Phone: +47 73917206
Fax: N/A
Region: Mid-Norway
Company REGNBR: 964038252
Year of establishment: 1992
Number of employees: 0

Board Chairman:
Elisabeth Jørgensen

Board Members:
Stig Jørgensen
Kjellrun Gjønnes

General Manager:
Elisabeth Jørgensen

Subsidiary companies:

Largest shareholders:

Operating income: 393
Operating profit: 132
Operating profit before tax: 142
Total assets: 520
Total equity: 460
Currency: NOK (all numbers in thousands)

Export Markets: N/A

Industry sectors: N/A

Trademarks: N/A

Industry codes (CPV):

  • Articles of wood and cork.
  • Artificial products.
  • Chemicals, chemical products and man-made fibres.
  • Cutlery, tools, locks, keys and hinges.
  • Electrical domestic appliances.
  • Fabricated products and materials.
  • General-purpose machinery.
  • Glycerol, soaps, detergents, cleaning and polishing preparations, perfumes and toilet preparations.
  • Machinery, equipment, appliances, apparatus and associated products.
  • Manufactured goods, furniture, handicrafts, special-purpose products and associated consumables.
  • Miscellaneous general-purpose machinery.
  • Miscellaneous manufactured and other goods.
  • Perfumes and toiletries.
  • Products of wood and related articles.
  • School slates or boards with writing or drawing surfaces.
  • Special-purpose machinery and parts.
  • Tools.
  • Wood, wood products, cork products, basketware and wickerwork.