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Dooria Norge AS

Address: Nils Hansens vei 2, 0667 OSLO
Phone: +47 57876700

Visiting address: 1366 LYSAKER
Phone: +47 57876700
Fax: +47 57876720
Region: Western Norway
Company REGNBR: 980394050
Year of establishment: 1998
Number of employees: 14

Board Chairman:
Carl Christian Christensen

Board Members:
Tone Merete Strand
Lars Kåre Flo
Øyvind Johan Jentoft

General Manager:
Jostein Tveide

Subsidiary companies:

Largest shareholders:
DOORIA AS 100.00% (6550)

Operating income: 0
Operating profit: -1565
Operating profit before tax: -774
Total assets: 130048
Total equity: 74690
Currency: NOK (all numbers in thousands)

Export Markets: N/A

Industry sectors:

  • Building & Construction

Addera, Balgø, Bellevue, Beverly, Bristol, Delsbo, Djursholm, Falun, Fjordtre, Geneve, Granø, Kalmar, Kungsäter, Lund, Malung, Merit, Milano, Mora, Nobel, Oslo, Plus, Skog, Stil, Universe, Varberg, Vetlanda, Viken, Vindø, Vinga, Visby, Vittoria, Ystad

Industry codes (CPV):

  • Architectural, engineering, construction, legal, accounting and other professional services.
  • Builders wood joinery and carpentry.
  • Legal, accounting, auditing, business, management and related services.
  • Management holdings services.
  • Prefabricated wooden buildings.
  • Products of wood and related articles.
  • Wood, wood products, cork products, basketware and wickerwork.