Buying from Norway

An overview of trade requests posted by international purchasers who are looking for Norwegian products. Nortrade contacts relevant Norwegian suppliers, who in so turn can engage with the company directly.

Industry Sector
Created Header Country Sector
14-03-2017 Stockfish Togo Seafood
07-03-2017 Request for price quotation Vietnam Seafood
05-03-2017 PRICE Malaysia Oil & Gas
21-01-2017 Investment in Nigeria Nigeria Seafood
22-11-2016 Import India Agriculture & Forestry
28-10-2016 Salmon Qatar Seafood
26-09-2016 Pinewood Poland Furniture & Interior Design
19-09-2016 Search For Supplier of wood cutting tools Greece Metal, Stone & Mineral Product
07-09-2016 Stockfish Supplier Wanted United States Seafood
12-08-2016 Fish Export Germany Seafood
11-07-2016 Enquiry of contact of Healthy food manufacturers in Norway China, People's Republic of Food & Beverage (not Seafood)
04-07-2016 Searching Environmental Friendly Technologies Peru Environmental Technology
08-06-2016 Salmon Seychelles Seafood
27-05-2016 Seafood Ghana Seafood
24-05-2016 Frozen Atlantic Salmon Thailand Seafood
12-05-2016 Frozen fish Belarus Seafood
02-05-2016 Refrigerated transport Norway-Italy Latvia Food & Beverage (not Seafood)
22-04-2016 Dried salty cod fish import Israel Seafood
05-04-2016 Atlantic Mackerel Turkey Seafood
30-03-2016 Stockfish Benin Seafood