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Tromsø Kommune

Tromsø has a long tradition as "The Gateway to the Arctic" and as a main centre for the fisheries industry.

Today the town stands out as an all-round knowledge and competence centre with an excellent infrastructure and dynamic cultural and commercial life. A great deal of activities are of a national and international character, aimed especially at the northern regions. Marine research, management and business development, space observation, telemedicine and Arctic climate and environmental research represent the central areas.

Tromsø has a comprehensive research environment, both within academic and practical research. The town’s location and the resources found in the northern regions clearly influence these activities. Marine research associated with fisheries and fish farming enterprises are a cornerstone and also marine biotechnology has become a steadily more important field.

Public and private services in Tromsø are well developed. Knowledge-based employment, with its origins in the university and research environment has made its mark on the town. Companies that develop new products associated with Omega 3, components of medicines, dietary supplements and for fish health, also IT, have been established here in recent years. However, there are also other companies that have their origin in the town’s traditional resource-based advantages; many companies supply goods and services to the fishing fleet.

Culture & Tourism
Tromsø is a multi-faceted cultural town and is widely known for its lively nightlife. The dark period in January is noted for its many festivals and conferences. Winter sports tourism is growing rapidly and many visitors come to the town in connection with the many festivals. In the summer months, there is a notable amount of cruise traffic with almost 100 ships calling at the port.

Tromsø University – the Answers are to be found here in the North

Tromsø University (UiT) is seeking the source of a cleaner, healthier life, and medicine for that which causes illness. Also research is being carried out on the properties of tiny organisms with great powers that live in the Arctic sea and nature, for example zooplankton.

Life & Nature
The environmentally-conscious town of Tromsø has several major environmental institutions and the environmental certification of companies is extensive. Full kindergarten coverage is a matter of course in Tromsø and the municipality employs huge resources in the primary and secondary school sector. An international school is currently being established. Tromsø is surrounded by the rugged islands in the west, fjords, sounds and the majestic Lyngen Alps. Spectacular mountain peaks offer various opportunities, all year round. Peak climbing, Telemark skiing, climbing and hiking are popular and easy accessable activities as well as fishing trips, kayaking, sailing and exploration of the islands off the coast.

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