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Forging close cooperation

In the increasingly global defence and security industries, the demands for quality and excellence of service are high. In Norway, this is taken very seriously, and the Norwegian Defence and Security Industries Association (FSi) is the member organization that works with its more than 100 members in helping them to best serve society through protection.

Torbjørn SvensgårdThe value of the industry being able to speak through one voice cannot be underestimated. A large portion of technology and solutions currently referred to as “defence technology” are actually applicable also to the area of homeland security – in many cases without modifications.   On this basis, FSi’s basic focus is broadened in scope beyond that of a mere defence and security industry association.


FSi’s members represent the broad spectre of expertise and experience in the industry, working with all its members to present what the Norwegian security and defence industry has to offer, also working in close cooperation with the Norwegian Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defence.


Close Cooperation & Highly Skilled

Through decades of close cooperation with the Norwegian Armed Forces, NATO bodies and a strong link to the international defence industry, FSi´s members have played a key role in helping the Norwegian military develop leading capabilities in select fields within a NATO context. Its members have also been highly successful in applying these technologies, skills and competences to the civil marketplace. Thus “dual use” is another shared quality represented by FSi members.


FSi member companies represent a combined total of more than 25,000 highly skilled employees. The turnover in defence is estimated at NOK 9.5 billion per year, of which approximately NOK 4 billion is exported. Approximately 85% of our member companies are, by Norwegian standards, SMEs. Many of these companies are becoming known outside Norway, joining the major Norwegian defence companies already making an impressive mark internationally. FSi and the Norwegian defence industry continue to work towards continuing this positive trend.


Expanded Scope

FSi member companies, in addition to concentration on upcoming and future defence and security investments, will turn their efforts towards considerable investments expected within the police forces, costal and harbour surveillance, air and airport security and security solutions for oil and hydroelectric infrastructure. Technology is in focus – technological measures to prevent and protect against terrorist attacks, technologies that can monitor potential natural catastrophes, technologies applied against organized crime, control systems for monitoring critical public infrastructure such as power networks, etc.


In the modern world, the notion of homeland security now is under the same umbrella, at least from an organizational and industrial point of view. FSi is the organization working with it members to improve support to this wide spectre of society, both in Norway as well as internationally.


Torbjørn Svensgård

President FSi