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Unleashing the world's energy potential

Norway is an energy rich nation and the development of our hydropower resources in the last century made the development of an energy intensive industry structure possible. The Norwegian Government envisions Norway as a nation of renewable energy and a world leader in developing alternative sources of energy. The authorities believe in added value creation through international expansion and cooperation.


The focus on global opportunities is increasing, not only for large Norwegian companies but also amongst small and medium-sized enterprises. Anticipating declining investments on the Norwegian main land, Norwegian renewable energy companies have made substantial moves to win business in international markets. They have succeeded in increasing their international business considerably in recent years.


The whole world is currently undergoing the process of transformational change and policy adjustments owing to the global warming challenges on the one hand and the phenomenal increase in crude oil price on the other. Globally, the energy mix is changing, with governments and consumers alike demanding sustainable energy solutions. The lowering of carbon emissions has a central position in this process, with the long-term goal being to substantially lower per capita carbon emissions.


Renewable energy sources encompass a number of different technologies and we aim to obtain fast track growth of renewable sources of energy – primarily hydropower, offshore wind, and solar PV.


I take a keen personal interest in promoting international cooperation in order to facilitate the transfer of technologies and exchange of information and knowledge, with a view to improving the techno-economic viabilities of various renewable energy systems. We also encourage cooperation on the level of research organizations together with our industry partners. I feel it is very important to organize the investor community and create a platform for them to meet with the innovators, the technological and the entrepreneurial communities.


The power production from hydropower plants is the backbone of modern industrialization and a vital element in the Norwegian economy. By combining hydropower with more fluctuating energy sources, such as wind and solar, and connecting them with smart grid solutions, we will further increase our energy supply and improve our energy system.


The goal is to improve the energy mix by producing more from renewable sources. Electricity from renewable sources is often produced in places where there is no local need for energy at that time. The average distance between the power generation and the consumption of electricity will only increase in the future. The energy must be transported at high voltages over long distances and redistributed according to demand or where large-scale storage facilities are based.


European transmission system operators have noticed the need to speed up R&D activities in the use of super grids, offshore grids, long HVAC cables and the possibility of using smart grids as future tools to meet the challenges of integrating large amounts of renewable energy.


A dramatic increase in power consumption and fast changes in the world power flow in several regions means that the power systems have to be managed by enhanced tools developing tomorrow’s technology.


By pooling our combined knowledge, experience, skills, financial and energy resources, we aim to build a better world.



Geir Elsebutangen

Managing Director, INTPOW