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The Bergen Region - the future of solutions

The Bergen Region is known as a vibrant, scenic, creative and industrious part of Norway. The region witch contains more than two-thirds of the population of the Hordaland County on the west coast of Norway, has potential only limited by the imagination

Herman FrieleAt the heart of the region is Bergen, known as one of the Europe's great scenic cities, and as the gateway to western Norway. This city is the seat of the Hordaland County administration and home to an impressive number of international companies.


The investment opportunities are many, business development has been a historic strength, recreational activities abound – in other words, there are tremendous opportunities to building both a career and a life here.


As an important initiative from the different local governments in the Hordaland County, Business Region Bergen (BRB) has now been established. BRB’s main focus will be to communicate and promote this region as an attractive arena for profitable business development. This work will be addressed nationally and internationally, as well as to the region itself. The regions main merits are: The unique blend of competence, innovation and creativity and market know-how – combining to advance development.


The main message is; Bergen Region – The Future of Solutions, and the communication process is well underway to show the regions main advantages and potential within sectors that include oil & gas, maritime, energy, aquaculture and others.


Initiatives that include participation in international exhibitions and conferences together with representatives for the companies from the industry in the region will only increase the positive profile regarding what the Bergen Region has to offer.


The industry here represents a great variety of branches and more and more of the products and services are linked to and based upon R&D from the Bergen Region.


Within R&D, the Bergen Region is unique in Norway. The petroleum field is a good example, as it is home to a Centre of Expertise (Subsea Technology), a Centre of Excellence (Centre for Integrated Petroleum Research), and a research-based competence building program that is part of the Research Council of Norway. The educational opportunities go hand in hand, and the Bergen Region is home to a thriving student environment.


This issue of Norway Exports presents a taste of the possibilities that await you as an investor, business developer, researcher, student – to become one of the thousands who will chose to “Live and Work in Bergen” and to be a part of the future of solutions that this region will experienced.


For more information about Hordaland County, see the website www.hordaland.no.



Herman Friele

Chairman of the Board - Business Region Bergen