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WILD by Strainstall AS

WILD is a trackside asset protection system that has been specifically designed for applications where wheel impact diagnosis is required to individual wheel level. Defective wheels are a major problem for rail infrastructure operators as they cause serious damage to both rail vehicles and track, and can even be a cause of derailments. The costs associated with replacing track and undertaking vehicle repairs can easily be avoided by installing a wheel impact load detection system. Sensors are mounted directly onto the rails, and each time a train passes, the system records data. A number of wheel defects are detected including pitting, circumferential cracking, out of roundness and wheel flats. Any wheel that generates a force that is above a pre-defined threshold causes alarms to be triggered and a report identifies the particular wheel that needs further investigation.

Benefits of a Wheel Impact Load Detection (WILD) system:

  • Provides warning of potential damage to track or rolling stock
  • Aids decision making on operational restrictions/remedial action
  • All data is quantitative
  • Can be extended to provide information of vertical and lateral forces




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