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Veidekke Launches New Website

Veidekke has launched new web pages with new investor pages. The effort is a significant boost for the company and supports Veidekke's ambitions to be an open, committed and involving corporation.

Veidekke's world
Perhaps the most striking change to the website is the interactive section of the main page called Veidekke's world. This part of the website allows you to become acquainted with Veidekke in an unorthodox manner and allows you to quickly delve into the website. Most of what you didn't know about Veidekke may be found here in this view.

Investor and company information
The new investor pages have been improved with far greater focus on news. Events, company news, stock exchange releases as well as press releases have been given more attention. Amongst other things, there is a new press room where Veidekke has collected relevant news items - from the company and elsewhere.

"Veidekke continues its focus on transparency around the share and share information, and corporate social responsibility has been afforded more attention. We are also encouraging dialogue," says webmaster Tommy Johansen with Veidekke.

Social media
Veidekke's new website includes the company's activities in social media. There are several active blog authors at Veidekke, among them CEO Terje R. Venold, and the company is using the new website to promote these activities. In December Veidekke was named the best company in the Nordic region in the use of social media for IR and corporate communications by Sculptor IR.

The website has been built using Escenic Content Engine 5.2 in cooperation with Creuna and Iterate.

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