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Turkcell renews contract with Alice Systems to extend nationwide “one-click” connectivity offering

Important renewal of contract with the leading operator in Turkey and among Europe`s top ten biggest GSM operator in terms of subscribers

Alice Systems, a Swedish company owned by Birdstep Technology ASA and a provider of leading mobility and connectivity client solutions, announced today that Turkcell, the largest Turkish operator has upgraded the existing contract established with Alice Systems already in 2002. The new connectivity client solution covers, in addition to their GPRS network, their new EDGE initiative.

Turkcell launched its TurkcellConnect Mobil Modem card solution on March 21st which includes pre-bundling of the Alice Systems user interface software with the Option Globetrotter Combo EDGE PMCIA card offered with Turkcell’s services.

The TurkcellConnect user interface software developed by Alice Systems provides one consistent, branded interface that works with TurkcellConnect cards and phones available to the subscriber. It is based on the “one-click“ patented software that allows users to quickly and easily configure their mobile devices to access data services provided by Turkcell across their available wireless technologies.

“Our successful business partnership with Alice Systems coupled with its capability to provide support to both our required PC cards and handsets made Alice Systems the obvious choice in enabling us to launch this attractive new service for our subscribers,“ said Ali Kesan, Chief Marketing Officer from Turkcell.

“This contract strengthens our existing relationship with Turkcell, and shows their continued trust in our ability to deliver enhanced features and easy wireless connectivity to their subscribers. It also means continued support for more handsets, additional PC cards and potentially offerings supporting new applications and on new territories,“ said Kristian Mets, VP sales from Birdstep Technology.

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