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Transworld to market Nera satellite tools in Bangladesh

Transworld Trade International Ltd signed a distribution agreement with world's leading satellite equipment manufacturer Nera Satcom, Norway. Sayed M Akhter, Managing Director of Transworld, and Salvador Baille, Area Market Manager of Nera Satcom, initialled the agreement on behalf of their companies at Nera Head office in Oslo. Under the agreement, Transworld will market all Nera satellite equipment in Bangladesh, including portable Inmarsat Mini-M Satellite Telephone for voice fax and data communication, Nera World Communicator for voice, high-speed data and video image transfer. World's largest shareholder of Inmarsat, Telenor of Norway, would provide satellite service for this purpose. An agreement with Telenor was also signed by Sayed during his visit to Norway, under which Transworld has become an agent of Telenor. Bangladesh army working with UN peacekeeping forces are already using Inmarsat Mini-M Satellite Telephones. Bangladesh Air Force is also using the same set for different operations, it added.