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Telenor Names BEA a Strategic Partner

Telenor Names BEA a Strategic Partner to Help Power Its PanEuropean EBusiness Expansion Already Using BEA Tuxedo, WebLogic Server and WebLogic Commerce Server. Telenor Will Build First B2B Marketplace in Norway on BEA WebLogic Collaborate BEA Systems one of the worlds leading ebusiness infrastructure software companies, announced that Telenor, the leading Norwegian telecommunication company, has selected the Java based BEA WebLogic EBusiness Platform as its strategic infrastructure for building and deploying ebusiness and ASP solutions across Europe. BEA is now one of Telenors primary vendors of software platforms for ebusiness. We intend to develop a new mass market Internet portal that will make Telenor one of the best mobile operators in the world," said Trygve Molland, Director of Internet development Telenor Mobil. "After a comprehensive evaluation, we found that BEA Systems best met our stringent demands for personalization and scalability, and we have high expectations for our strategic relationship. BEA WebLogic EBusiness Platform is designed to give us a solid base on which to develop advanced and user friendly portals for a wide variety of customer segments." Telenor is already using several BEA products, including BEA Tuxedo(TM), BEA WebLogic Server and BEA WebLogic Commerce Server. These components of the WebLogic EBusiness Platform have been instrumental in the development of a number of ebusiness portals that are central to Telenors business, including Telenors Djuice.com, the global mobile Internet portal owned by Telenor Mobil, DittDistrikt.no, the Norwegian telephone directory portal, Yellow eCommerce, the business to consumer B2C yellow pages on the Internet, and BizKit, the business to business B2B pink pages on the Web. First marketplace in Norway to be built on BEA WebLogic Collaborate Now, adding to these already implemented solutions, Telenor has selected BEA WebLogic Collaborate as the platform for developing and deploying the first B2B emarketplace in Norway. "An electronic marketplace must be highly dynamic and have the ability to handle large transaction volumes," said Per Bjorck, CTO at Nextra. "Since our market is continuously evolving with new demands and requirements, it was absolutely essential for us to build our B2B service on a robust platform with high adaptability and ability to handle this evolution. Our experience with BEA products in earlier projects made the choice of the plus new BEA WebLogic Collaborate very easy." Based on the BEA WebLogic Server, the world's number one Java application server, BEA WebLogic Collaborate is a comprehensive, open and scalable integration platform for rapidly building and managing secure emarketplaces for electronic commerce among customers, partners, vendors and other interest groups. WebLogic Collaborates extensible infrastructure helps enable Telenor B2B services to rapidly build and implement business collaboration projects that are future proofed with the flexibility and scalability needed to expand and enhance these programs to meet changing business requirements. "More than 30,000 companies are developing B2B exchanges today and BEA WebLogic Collaborate was designed to address the business needs of these companies, bringing partners together quickly and offering them enterprise system scalability and business model integration," said Ole Christian Olsson, country manager BEA Systems Norway. "The Telenor project is the first of its kind in Norway, and we are excited that the solution is built on BEA." In addition to BEA WebLogic Collaborate, the BEA WebLogic EBusiness Platform comprises the market leading Java application server BEA WebLogic Server, as well as BEA WebLogic Commerce Server, BEA WebLogic Personalization Server and BEA WebLogic Process Integrator. All the products in the BEA WebLogic suite are fully compliant with extended Markup Language XML and Java 2 Enterprise Edition J2EE standards.