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Special Cranes for Cruise vessels and ferries.

Dreggen Crane A.S are now able to deliver a complete range of cranes and lifting equipment for any cruise vessel or ferry. The range includes deck cranes, engine room cranes and electric monorail provision cranes hidden in the ship hull structure.

Some examples of recent deliveries comprise: Telescopic crane located behind a hatch in bow section of Carnival Cruise Line NBs 500-503 built at Kvaerner Masa Yard. Dreggen delivers a crane to be used for handling of instruments and equipment for the main entertainment theatre on the vessel. The crane has a telescopic beam with an outreach of 6,3 m. from shipside and a lifting capacity of 2 ton.

Provision cranes for “The World” built at Fosen Yard in Norway. Dreggen delivers two hydraulic deck cranes each with capacity of 1,75 t. at 8,5 m. These cranes are placed on both sides of the vessel (on top deck, FPK) for handling of provision and spares to the vessel. In addition Dreggen has delivered engine room cranes to all ferries built by Fosen last 5 years.

Container crane for Ropax vessel NB 429 built at Aker Finnyards. Dreggen delivers a complete arrangement with structure to be placed on top of this vessel. The crane is a duo box telescopic crane with capacity of 7,5 ton, outreach from shipside of 9,5 m. and lifting height of 29 m. The crane is also equipped with a rotating container spreader and radio control for easy and secure handling of cargo from wharf side.

Company information
Today Dreggen Crane A.S is located with offices and production facilities by the seaside in Bergen, on the west coast of Norway, with a total of 2000 m2 in workshops and offices. The employees of Dreggen Crane A.S have long experience with design and engineering of marine cranes of all kind, such as monorail provision cranes, engine room cranes and slewing cranes (hose handling, cargo, provision, general purpose and combined cranes for handling of provision and life saving equipment).

New majority owner Munck Cranes A.S has recently bought the majority of shares (66 %) in Dreggen Crane A.S. This represent that Dreggen now is included in a group of crane manufacturers that employ 185 people with a turnover of USD 21 million. Irrespective of this Dreggen will continue as an independent company located with offices and production facilities by the seaside in Bergen.

Pls. send email if further info, pictures or drawings are required.
P.O.Box 3434, N-5815 Bergen
Ph.: +4755333690, Fx.: +4755333651, eric@dreggen.no, www.dreggen.com