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Simrad introduces the first fishery sonar with selectable beam width

The Simrad SP90 Sonar is now available with selectable beam width for improved range and resolution at both long and short distances.

SimTeiPrev200x150.jpg (22749 bytes)The Simrad SP90 Sonar is now available with selectable beam width for improved range and resolution at both long and short distances. The SP90 is already a versatile tool proven to increase catch efficiency, and the new selectable beam width provides increased performance across different fishing types and environments.

Simrad is the first company to introduce fishery sonar with selectable beam width. The SP90, a low frequency, long range, omni directional sonar, offers short and long-range performance using advanced wide band transducer design combined with digital transmitting and receiver technology.

"The vessel Teigenes has been using the SP90 for some months now and they are very excited about all the features on the SP90, especially the narrow beam feature which provides clutter free image and long range," comments Thor Bærhaugen, Simrad.

The beam width can be set to 'narrow' for maximum detection range when searching for fish at long distance. It can also be set to change beam width to normal or wide automatically, as well as manually, when approaching fish at a shorter range. The beam width is frequency dependent and a beam as narrow as 6.8 degrees can be made with the SP90 sonar. This enables easier detection of weak and scattered targets and improved detection of fish close to bottom.

It provides unique options such as eleven user-selectable operating frequencies from 20 to 30 kHz and full circle beam stabilisation. With multi frequency sonar, crew can tune the sonar for maximum performance and avoid interference from noise made by propellers, generators and other hydro acoustic equipment. The high and low frequencies also give improved detection ranges for different conditions and species.

In dual mode the sonar screen is divided in two, enabling users to benefit from having two sonars onboard without taking up the extra space. The two displays can view individual settings including frequency, range, gain, horizontal tilt and filters.

Standard features also include sequence recording with playback, three target tracks, and vertical view.

The SP90 consistently gives a clear picture of how close seabed fish schools are, enabling fish schools to be tracked all the way back to the vessel. It is Simrad's most requested Sonar for large trawlers and purse seiners and is proving itself as a sophisticated solution providing the best underwater picture for many fish types.