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Simrad Glass Bridge: The Next-Generation navigation solution arrives

The latest integrated navigation system for large yachts, motor and sail, and smaller high-end vessels has been unveiled.

SimradYachting200x484.jpg (31247 bytes)The latest integrated navigation system for large yachts, motor and sail, and smaller high-end vessels has been unveiled. The Simrad Glass Bridge GB60 provides owners and crew with a total overview of their surroundings and complete control of the vessel. It promises flexibility and superior performance through high design values and the use of powerful technology.

The unique GB60 is based on a powerful dual processor black box, making it the most versatile navigation system on the market. Data from the black box can be displayed on multiple monitors and each monitor can be configured for 6 preset views. The flexibility of the system enables the user to configure each of the views 6 different ways and to any combination of applications. Vector charts, Photo, Radar, NavInfo, Raster, 3D or Video views can be displayed, all at an exceptionally high resolution for even clearer information on screen.

A new series of sharp, stylish Glass Bridge Monitors are available for use with the GB60 in 12”, 15” and 19”. These monitors have been developed to not only perform better than before but are also physically 25% 'smaller' than other monitors currently available on the market, without compromise to the actual display screen itself. Bridge and console space onboard is maximised as a 19” monitor could be fitted where a typical 15” may have been installed previously.

The user can select multiple monitors to be fully integrated into the vessel and control up to three monitors with just a single GB60 box. It's extremely easy to use and a control panel can be built into the armrest to operate the GB60 at the bridge. A key pad, track ball, or even a standard keyboard and mouse will also operate the GB60.

The GB60 system is easily interfaced to a Simrad GPS and Autopilot as it is both SimNet and NMEA2000 compatible, allowing even more flexibility for users. The vessel's onboard entertainment system may also be interfaced to the GB60.

For advanced route planning, the ETA Calculator will predict estimated fuel use, best departure time, transit time and speed required for an individual leg or an entire journey.

The GB60 uses Worldwide Passport charts and a large amount of special data including aerial and satellite photos, 3D bathymetric charts, topo charts, tides and currents as well as ports and services information, from Jeppesen Marine. Designed with simplicity and chart clarity in mind, Worldwide Passport cartography comprises all the data needed for safe and easy navigation anywhere in the world.