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Sea Eagle Group - opens up a new factory

August 2000 saw the opening of the new factory at Herdla Fiskemat AS, one of the leading producers of smoked salmon in Norway and part of SEA EAGLE GROUP AS. Due to the continued success of our smoked salmon products, the idea was to make substantial investments in order to implement major improvements to the factory structurally and to the organisation of the production line.

Most importantly we have streamlined many of our procedures by redesigning the factory layout and by introducing new machinery and smoke ovens. Many of the new designs and ideas are a direct result of our own wealth of experience and have been put into effect in conjunction with the engineers and machinery suppliers. There are several areas where we can already see definite improvements. Firstly, the whole process from raw material to finished packed product is much faster making the products "fresher" with improved shelflife, Due to streamlining we do not have to handle the products so much during processing and this has lead to a marked improvement. Total overall efficiency has led to more time available for cleaning and hygiene awareness and for more attention to detail. In general we are extremely pleased with the results of our investments so far, not least since we are now able to handle all orders within a reasonable time span. Since we have now doubled our capacity we welcome new projects and new customers and expect to see a significant increase in production and exports. It is our intention to continue to invest in the Norwegian salmon industry and to emphasise quality products and quality service for the catering and restaurant sectors and for all major food segments throughout the world. For more information, please contact: Endre Kristensen or Kate Leiva SEA EAGLE GROUP AS Tel +47 55 30 20 20 Fax +47 55 30 20 21 sales@seaeagle-group.com